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ValueVillageListens – Value Village Listens is a customer satisfaction survey that the store administers to gauge customer satisfaction and make improvements. Using an admission code obtained from or a contribution card, visitors can access the ValueVillageListens survey site.

Take Value Village Survey


Take Value Village Survey

Value Village carries out retail surveys in order to gain insight into the needs of its customers and possible areas for growth. The officials will utilize the data to enhance their store and boost client satisfaction.

The survey consists of multiple-choice questions about many aspects of the customer’s shopping experience, including as quality of goods, customer service, store design, usability, and overall satisfaction.

In order to better understand Value Village’s requirements and opportunities for improvement, customers are asked to be candid and open about their experiences. Thanks to this survey method, Value Village is able to respond promptly and efficiently when issues arise or modifications are required.

You can get a thank-you ticket at, which you can use to get $2 off your next visit, if you take a time to offer feedback.

Take Value Village Survey


Take Value Village Survey

About the ValueVillageListens Survey

Value Village is the name of a retail store in the US. The company was founded by Willian Ellison and is currently owned by Savers, Inc. With regard to clothing, accessories, and home items, the company is well known for providing an enormous assortment of high-quality products.

2020 saw the registration of more than 300 stores in major US, Australian, and Canadian cities. The company’s unique products are sourced from nonprofit organizations. They pay the amount to get donations of household goods and clothing. Some of them are also given to it by individual donations.

The Saver project is a collaborative effort between multiple charity organizations. They collect gifts and give them to Savers. Value Village would want to know how happy you were with your recent visits to one of their stores, therefore they are asking you to fill out this survey. Over 140 non-profit groups in the US, Canada, and Australia are now involved in their collaborative efforts.

Take Value Village Survey

Conditions for the Value Village Listen Survey

There are several guidelines that you have to follow when answering any kind of inquiry.

  • Having a laptop, PC, or smartphone might be useful for completing the Value Village feedback form.
  • You need to have a steady internet connection in order to avoid disruptions while filling out the survey.
  • Use one of the authorized browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Safari, to access the Value Village Questionnaire website.
  • You need to know the time, date, identity, and email address from your most recent visit to a Value Village store.
  • It is also necessary to have the Customer code, which is found close to the bottom of each receipt.

Take Value Village Survey


Value Village Listen to Questionnaire Guidelines

Take Value Village Survey

Please be informed that there are some rules you must abide by in order to take part in the Valuevillagelistens Survey.

To take part in Value Village’s Client Feedback Survey, a few more prerequisites must be fulfilled. Below are the salient features of those guidelines along with the terms of usage:

  • To participate in the survey, you must be at least eighteen years old.
  • There is only one reward available for each entry.
  • It’s possible that more than one entry was made for a single invoice.
  • There can only be one entry for each person’s email address and phone number.
  • The poll’s participants cannot be coworkers or employees.
  • The survey must to be finished within 90 days of the store visit in order to receive a price reduction.
  • You must have visited a Value Village location in order for your replies to be considered for consideration.

Value Village Survey Limitations

Take Value Village Survey

While responding to any form of questionnaire, there are a few rules you have to follow.

  • There can only be one participation per person each month. The confirmation card you receive states that you are only allowed one entry per thirty days.
  • An authentication code that can only be used the following time you shop is the gift.
  • You cannot exchange the free discount code for cash or comparable goods.
  • The survey must be completed within seven days of the purchase date.
  • It is prohibited for employees and their family to take part in this survey.
  • The voucher is only valid for use ninety days after the event for which it was issued.

How & When to Complete the ValueVillageListens Survey

Take Value Village Survey

To get feedback from customers, Value Village has created an online survey called Value Village Listens. The study aims to enhance customer satisfaction by gaining a deeper understanding of the shopping experiences of the participants.

The survey is always available and just takes a few minutes of your time. Simply visit and honestly respond to the questions about your most recent Value Village visit to be entered into the poll.

In return for completing the survey, you will receive a 20% discount coupon that may be used on your next purchase at any Value Village location in the US or Canada.

With this offer, providing feedback on Value Village’s products and services couldn’t be easier or more advantageous! Why hold off? Make use of this limited-time offer immediately to impact their services for the benefit of next generations.

How can I participate in Value Village’s feedback survey?

Take Value Village Survey

A contributor invite card or receipt would have been provided to a customer who had just made a purchase at any Value Village store. You can use one of these to receive the free discounted vouchers after finishing the survey. To complete the survey, just adhere to these simple guidelines:

  • To visit the client feedback website, go to
  • Select between English and Spanish as your language of choice.
  • Take note of the 19-digit survey code on the transaction receipt.
  • The survey can be started by clicking the displayed start option.
  • Based on your trips to Savers stores, estimate the answers to all of the questions.
  • The services offered by Value Village stores and the behavior of their staff are the subjects of these questions.
  • Please rate the store with honesty.
  • Submit the question and answer area once you’ve completed the responses.
  • To enable more communication, please include your name, phone number, and email address.
  • Keep an eye out for the Value Village Rewards Voucher delivery alert.
  • You can redeem it for a later visit.
  • Visit the store within the allotted 90 days, as coupons expire after that time.

Goals of the Value Village Survey

Take Value Village Survey

Value Village mostly conducts surveys to learn about consumer satisfaction and to expand their clientele. The following details are being learned by the shop through the study:

  • Customer satisfaction in the store with regard to several aspects.
  • to find out the opinions of customers on their product, service, and company.
  • Boost the products and services offered by the store.
  • to fulfill expectations and needs of customers.
  • If improvement is needed, take the necessary steps.
  • Boost the caliber of products and services

Customer Feedback Survey Rewards

Take Value Village Survey

By taking part in the Value Village Listens Survey, customers can express their opinions about the products and services that Value Village offers. Customers that finish the questionnaire receive rewards for their time and effort.

At the conclusion of the survey, each participant will receive a validation number that can be redeemed for various rewards, such as cash vouchers or coupons off future purchases.

By completing the ValueVillageListens Survey, customers may help shape the company’s future while also earning exclusive benefits and prizes. In return for a donation, share your thoughts about your visit to the business. You can get a $2 Value Village Listens Bonus off of your $5 purchase. You can use this coupon at the store on your next visit.

ValueVillageListens Survey Restrictions $2 off for

  • Every month, one survey per household
  • lacking a monetary equivalent.
  • Credit that has not been repaid.
  • There is a daily limit of one survey submission.
  • Suitable for a single usage only.
  • Days of grand presentations and sales are not included.
  • You can apply one discount per person, each day.
  • Not available for new product or gift purchases.
  • A coupon is valid for ninety days.


Using the Value village Listens survey is a terrific approach for businesses to get customer feedback. This questionnaire can offer useful data regarding customer satisfaction and assist a firm in identifying areas for development.

Happy consumers and higher revenue are more likely for businesses that adapt in response to feedback from their patrons. Customers’ value is increased for both the company and the final customer when they receive gifts or discounts in exchange for their survey participation.

The Value Village Listens Survey gives customers the opportunity to share their thoughts on the products and services they have utilized.

Visit a Value Village Saver Shop if you desire fashionable clothes but can’t afford to buy them, or if you have a lot of things in your wardrobe that you don’t wear. Additionally, take advantage of this chance to obtain the Savers Reward Voucher. then finish the survey to be eligible to win the gift.

ValueVillageListens Survey of FAQ

  • Question – What Does the Enter Code on Mean?

Answer – Value Village scans the receipt for a four-digit code, also known as the input code, which is simply the survey data. Find the four-digit password and save the proof of purchase receipt. After you enter the value village, will start listening for the four-digit code in the field. You may identify where to enter the entry code by examining the ValueVillageListens poll homepage design.

  • Question – How can I participate in Listens at Value Village?

Answer – It is an easy process to follow. After visiting any of the shops, fill out the questionnaire to let them know about your visit and receive a donation coupon or receipt.

  • Question – What are the benefits of answering the survey?

Answer – In exchange for filling out the Value Village customer satisfaction survey, you will receive a $2 Discount Value Village coupon.

  • Question – Does Value Village Listens offer an online or in-store survey option?

Answer – Value Village Listens is a poll that customers may only pick up and donate to in-store.

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